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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and ReportingReports in a Nutshell (What you can measure)

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most widely used & the most informative web analytics application  Google Analytics does not only track visits coming on a website or the number of page views, it can be used as a great resource of information to analyze which content gets the most visits.

This report involves all the data related to visits coming on the website. The report includes many things related to the people visiting your website including  as where they’re located geographically, what language they speak, how often they visit your site and what computers and browsers they use to get on the website. Analyzing these reports will give you a complete package of information related to the users visiting your website which is a crucial aspect of any marketing campaign.

Traffic Sources:
This report provides vital information regarding the sources through which users visits your website and can be used to track which sites are linked to your pages. It is very easy to track the segregated data with this report and you can distinguish between search traffic, referral traffic and direct traffic coming on your website.

Reports from this section involves users interaction on your website and the pages which are most visited by users. It includes page views, unique page views, average time people spent on your website,

So to that end, we can conclude that Google analytics is a complete package to analyze a website from tip to toe and move your marketing campaign in a way which will not only provide you a list of reports to go through the website performance but also generate some positive prospects for your website according to the reports.