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Email Marketing

Email marketing solutions include decisively crafted plan for both small and big marketing programs.

Email MarketingWe provide special prices for your bulk email marketing needs

Our solutions include email template designs, contact management, creating and sending emails, automation, triggers & notifications services, reporting & analytics, email delivery services, dynamic integration options, API services and social media support.

Our pioneer services would always help you to find the inbox of your intended recipients. You’d never be embarrassed by being shown up as spam and getting delivered to wrong spots. We have special slots of member management and address book to support your email marketing practices most effectively.

Our comprehensive event log helps you compare varied campaigns using different parameters like Date, Views etc. You can also get the real-time notification for different activities like number of recipients; number of emails read and more.

Our packages are just meant to suit your email marketing appetite. If you have detailed preferences and want to be served with niche offerings, we offer you with customizable options to communicate with your audiences.

We make sure you get worth out of it, always! Get yourself splashed into the email wizard and attain the distinction of seamless reach and high ROIs through our outlet of smart emailing.